Workshop “Open Data for Smart Sfax”

The national school of electronics and telecommunications of Sfax “ENET’Com”, has organized the third edition of its annual ENET’Com-Student-Enterprises (FEEE’17) Forum on 04 March 2017 with the theme of this year “Smart city “.

This forum has helped students to discover the industrial world and discuss different issues related to the integration of new graduates into professional life.

During this forum participants were invited to a variety of conferences, workshops and expositions that cover several aspects related to this cutting-edge technological theme.

Hence, an “Open Data for smart sfax” workshop was hosted by Dr.Ilhem Kallel (IEEE Education society Tunisia Chapter), M.Chiheb Bouchnak (Tunisian eGov Society) and with the intervention of M.Ahmed Guidara (Director of commune of Sfax).

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