Upcoming Activities

First International Joint Conference on COMPUTING JCCO’2018

The first international joint conference on computing will be help in Hammamet Tunisia, on November 9-11 2018.

For more information please visit JCCO’2018

Les Journées Internationales de l’Innovation Pédagogique JIP 2018

JIP 2018 will be held on December 19-21 2018 in Sousse.

For more information please visit

3rd International Conference on Education NOOR’2019

NOOR conference concerns people interested in education and training issues (officials, trainers, educators, researchers, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, civil society).

It is facilitated by more than 30 experts and includes panels, workshops and plenary lectures, immediately translated into Arabic, French and English.

Educational institutions, and in particular higher education, have always played a key role in society by developing training systems, identifying priorities, educating and training citizens.

The upheavals in society resulting from globalization and the massive arrival of new technologies necessitate a major shift in educational objectives and methods. For more information please visit  NOOR’2019