Upcoming Activities

“Women and Technology Happy Marriage or still an illusion” Talk By Pr. Ilhem Kallel

“Women and Technology Happy Marriage or still an illusion” Talk will be presented during the 6th IEEE Tunisian Student & Young professional congress which will be held on December 16-18, 2018 in the Medina Congress center.

“Educating our Future Engineering Leaders: An Experiential Approach” Talk By Pr. Leslie Martinich 

“Educating our Future Engineering Leaders: An Experiential Approach” Talk will be presented during “Les Journées Internationales de l’Innovation Pédagogique” JIP’2018 which will be held on December 19-21 2018 in Sousse.

“Building Trust: Teaching Engineering Ethics “Talk By Pr. Leslie Martinich

Building Trust: Teaching Engineering Ethics ” Talk will be presented during the 6th IEEE Tunisian Student & Young professional congress which will be held on December 16-18, 2018 in the Medina Congress center.

Round table “New trends in education engineering” by Pr. Ilhem Kallel, Pr.Leslie Martinich and Pr. Al Martinich 

Round table “New trends in education engineering” (interpretation and meanings) will be done during WIMTA’2018 on December 19, 2018 in Sousse


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Leslie Martinich"Pr. Leslie Martinich: Being the chair of IEEE’s central texas section, encompassing Austin and San Antonio, a member of the advisory and editorial board of IEEE Engineering Management society and the IEEE technology Management council, the founder of engineering leadership institute, the co-founder of Austin software executives’ group and a regular publisher in the IEEE Engineering Management Review.
Mrs Leslie Martinich has greatly contributed in the IEEE community.She is also passionate about helping leaders become more effective, for this reason she is the founder and the President of Competitive Focus: an Austin-based training group providing executive training to technology leaders around the world. And let us not overlook her career as a noted author and expert in technology leadership and innovation.


Al Martinich

Pr. Al Martinich: A specialist in the history of modern philosophy and the philosophy of language, his books include Communication and Reference (1984), The Two Gods of Leviathan (Cambridge, 1992), A Hobbes Dictionary (Blackwell, 1995), and Thomas Hobbes (St. Martin’s, 1997). His book, Hobbes: A Biography (Cambridge, 1999) won the Robert W. Hamilton Faculty Book Award for 2000. He has also translated Hobbes’ Computatio sive logica: Part One of De Corpore (1981), is co-editor with David Sosa of the leading anthology on The Philosophy of Language(sixth edition, Oxford, 2013), and also co-editor with David Sosa of Analytic Philosophy: An Anthology (second edition, Wiley, 2012) and A Companion to Analytic Philosophy (Blackwell, 2001). He is Vice-President of the Board of Directors of The Journal of the History of Philosophy, and has twice held NEH Fellowships. He has lectuerd extensively in Chine and has published articles in which he applies analytic philosophy to Chinese philosophy.


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Ilhem Kallel: is an A. Professor with the Department of Computer Science Engineering in ISIMS, and a researcher with Regim-Lab in ENIS (university of Sfax-Tunisia). Since 1988, Ilhem had many leadership positions and a rich professional experience dealing with developing and managing enterprise information systems within an industrial company, teaching fields of computer science and training of teachers. Ilhem Kallel is an IEEE member since 2001: from graduate student Member, to member, to senior member on 2014. Currently, she serves as a chair of Education Tunisia chapter for 2017-2018 and is the IEEE Tunisia section chair-elect of 2019-2020. On 2009, she was the founder and the past chairwoman of IEEE Tunisia Women In Engineering; she was one past chair of SMC and CIS Tunisia Chapters, the chapters coordinator in Tunisia Section for 2015-2016. Ilhem is a member of the DIS TC in SMC Society. She was the winner of the 2011 WIE Clementina Award for Region 8 for her professional and personal achievements; this award attests that she can serve as a role model for combining professional achievements and family life. Recently she wins the 2018 R8 Outstanding Women In Engineering Section Volunteer Award.

WIMTA’2018 30th Workshop on Intelligent Machines : Theory & Applications

The WIMTA is organized by the REGIM-Lab. with the Association of Sustainable Innovation in Tunisia. The workshop aims to create a synergy of competences between researchers by presenting, competing and discussing their researches. It incites the researchers to present, develop and encourages them valorizing their research works.

WIMTA’2018 will be held in Sousse on December 18-20 2018.

6th IEEE Tunisian Students and Young Professionals Congress (TSYP) 2018

The IEEE Tunisian Student & Young professional congress 2018 in its 6th edition will be held on December 16-18, 2018 in the Medina Congress center, Yassmine Hammamet-Tunisia. It is an opportunity for engineering students & engineers to network and to discuss present and future engineering challenges.

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Education Society chapter meeting during the ExCom meeting le 15-16 Dec 2018

ExCom meeting will be held on December 15-16 2018 in Solaria Hotel 5*, Yasmine Hammamet. This meeting is a great opportunity to meet, to discuss what was done, to plan the next section’s activities, and to share the best practices.

Les Journées Internationales de l’Innovation Pédagogique JIP 2018

JIP 2018 will be held on December 19-21 2018 in Sousse.

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3rd International Conference on Education NOOR’2019

NOOR conference concerns people interested in education and training issues (officials, trainers, educators, researchers, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, civil society).

It is facilitated by more than 30 experts and includes panels, workshops and plenary lectures, immediately translated into Arabic, French and English.

Educational institutions, and in particular higher education, have always played a key role in society by developing training systems, identifying priorities, educating and training citizens.

The upheavals in society resulting from globalization and the massive arrival of new technologies necessitate a major shift in educational objectives and methods. For more information please visit  NOOR’2019