“IEEE- Education Society – 60 years of success” | “The value of Good engineering Education”

On November 20 2017, Prof. Dr.  Melany Ciampi gave two talks at the higher institute of computer science and multimedia of Sfax-Tunisia.

The first talk entitled “IEEE- Education Society – 60 years of success”, where Prof. Dr.  Melany Ciampi presented the IEEE – Education Society and its 60 years of success.

The second talk entitled “The value of Good engineering Education”, discuss some aspects of engineering education trends, and show IEEE organization and IEEE Education Society.

The abstract of this talk is :

“This paper aims to discuss some aspects of engineering education trends, to show IEEE organization and IEEE Education Society. It is based in a large experience dealing with pedagogical aspects of higher education for almost 18 years. It will suggest organized tips and hints of how to enhance an engineering program in order to fit the present and future demands. Presently employers expect graduates to have attributes including team working, communication, leadership, critical thinking, and mainly problem solving capability and even managerial abilities, in addition to a knowledge of their degree subject. How can university cope with these demands? It has been a challenge that in special engineering colleges have been facing and it is time to rethink engineering education – if students are taught the skills of learning by themselves, then they will continue to learn on their own for the rest of their lives. How is this possible? Let’s see education under the perspective of organizations that dedicate their efforts to make engineering education for future.”


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